Universal Testing Machine Systems

MTI Universal Testing Machine Systems

MTI manufactures Universal Testing Machine systems in standard force capacities from 1,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds. All MTI systems incorporate our powerful Intel Core i5 Pentium based Data Acquisition/Analysis/Control System as an integrated component, resulting in a totally automated materials testing system. All load frames are fabricated to exact tolerances and utilize precision ball screw drives, ground linear guide rods and bearings, and high-strength steel construction to insure accurate and precise velocity control and positioning capability. Crosshead velocity is computer controlled and is nearly infinitely variable over the entire speed range of the system. All mid-force range floor model systems are constructed to provide for both tension and compression loading in either test bay —that is, either above or below the moving crosshead — as illustrated here. The load cell and testing fixtures can be attached to any of the four crosshead surfaces to insure maximum capability and functionality.

Low force load frames are usually configured as table-top systems. These testing systems offer the same performance capabilities as our larger floor model units when high force capacity is not a requirement.

Another unique construction feature of all MTI mid-range floor models frames with dual test bay capability is the incorporation of a suitably sized through hole in both load-bearing surfaces of the moving crosshead. The system load cell can then be positioned on the traversing crosshead (either surface) and load fixture attachment rods can project simultaneously into both test bays. This allows for easy setup of two entirely different types of tests without having to remove and reposition hardware on a frequent basis. You can easily perform a tensile test in the upper bay and then quickly execute a compression test or a bending test below the moving crosshead of the testing machine without adding or removing your fixtures.

Our largest capacity systems are offered in 225 kN, 350 kN and 450 kN (50,000/75,000/100,000 pounds) force capacities. These systems provide the high stiffness and accuracy required for these more demanding applications. Our automated testing machines are proudly made in USA.