Medium Capacity Systems

Mid-Force Range Universal Testing Systems

  • MTI-20K: 22,500 pounds / 100 kN
  • MTI-30K: 33,750 pounds / 150 kN
  • MTI-40K: 40,000 pounds / 175 kN

All MTI Mid-Force universal testing systems are supplied with our powerful Intel Core i5 Pentium based Data Acquisition/Analysis/Control System.

A universal load cell, universal joint and fixture linkages are provided.

A linkage rod passes freely through holes machined into the upper and lower surfaces of the moving crosshead and connects to the system load cell. This load fixture linkage rod then projects simultaneously into both test bays. This dual test bay configuration allows for easy setup of two entirely different types of tests without having to remove and reposition hardware on a frequent basis.

Force and displacement and strain are automatically measured, displayed and reported. MTI automatic 24-bit Force and Strain Signal Processors are supplied with each system, resulting in data accuracy and measurement resolution approaching one part in one hundred thousand in a fully automatic mode of operation.

The load frame crosshead displacement measurement is also automatic, with resolution of 0.00005 inches for all tests.

Common Load Frame Features and Furnished


  • Tension and compression testing can be performed in either the Upper or Lower Test Bay.
  • Two precision rolled ball screws with preloaded multiple circuit ball nuts provide smooth, precise crosshead motion under the full operating load range.
  • Chrome steel guide rods and linear bearings eliminate lateral surface translation and assure accurate crosshead alignment throughout the full range of travel.
  • Heavy fan-fold bellows protect the lead screws and linear travel bearings from contamination and damage.
  • All Four crosshead surfaces are ground to precise flatness and parallel standards.
  • Linkage rods can pass through a clearance hole in the moving crosshead which allows testing in either test bay without moving the load cell.
  • Each crosshead surface is fabricated with a mounting bolt circle that provides a means of attaching the system load cell or universal joints or any of a large assortment of testing fixtures to any of the four surfaces.
  • The load cell can be mounted on any crosshead surface to accommodate all testing conditions, including elevated and cryogenic temperature testing requirements.
  • A universal joint and linkage for attaching to tensile wedge grips or similar test fixtures is furnished.
  • A universal tension/compression pancake load cell of the load frame capacity is provided with system calibration through the MTI AD-24 automatic 24-bit load cell signal conditioner. (A lesser force cell will be substituted upon request.)
  • A high resolution optical encoder coupled to the frame rotating components furnishes crosshead displacement measurements for test programs, and also provides the control system with closed loop feedback to assure constant crosshead travel rate under all load conditions.

Test Frame Options:

  • A system with crosshead travel to 54 inches can be provided. Additional extended crosshead travel requirements can be accommodated upon request.
  • The test bay width can be increased to 36 inches or 40 inches as required.


  • Ideal for tensile testing and bend testing 20,000 To 50,000 Pounds.
  • Frame Dimensions: 84 inches high, 48 inches wide, 32 inches deep.


  • Ideal for tensile testing and bend testing 20,000 To 50,000 Pounds.
  • Frame Dimensions: 84 inches high, 48 inches wide, 32 inches deep.
  • Testing Region: Above and/or Below the Moving Crosshead, in Tension or Compression.
  • Testing Region Size: 28 inches wide, 10 inches crosshead surface depth.
  • Crosshead Travel: 48 inches standard, extended travel optional.
  • Testing Speeds: 0.01 to 10 inches per minute standard. Speed range options of 0.02 to 20, or 0.1 to 50 inches per minute are available.
  • Displacement Resolution: 0.00001 inches at standard test speed range.
  • Control: MTI C-DAS Pentium IV for computer control of testing. Manual control for test setup.
  • Weight: 1,675 to 1,950 pounds depending upon frame capacity.
  • Utility Requirement: 115 volt, single phase 20 amp AC circuit for load frame and control system. A Dedicated surge protected circuit is suggested. (230 VAC available upon request.